Late in 2009, at a Startup Weekend hosted at Hacker Dojo, I had a fit of inspiration: "Can I get an '.in' domain, and if so, can I get"

The answer, as you can see, was "Yes!" on both counts.

I paid 10 years in advance.

And here we are. You want to know more about me, so I better share something interesting.

Over the years: I've framed houses in 8 states. I'm a former US Marine. I have a number of college degrees in science and engineering. I've worked at startups and at big companies . I write code for fun and profit.

Over there to the right, you can find me in several other ways. Looking forward to hearing from you. -dave d

Shredding memory in C Nov 5 2016

I don’t recall exactly where I picked up the technique for shredding memory on allocation and dealloaction in C programs. I think it was from a usenet post (comp.lang.c). I do recall reading about memory shredding in a book I purchased some afterwards...