Late in 2009, at a Startup Weekend hosted at Hacker Dojo, I had a fit of inspiration: "Can I get an '.in' domain, and if so, can I get"

The answer, as you can see, was "Yes!" on both counts.

I paid 10 years in advance.

And here we are. You want to know more about me, so I better share something interesting.

Over the years: I've framed houses in 8 states. I'm a former US Marine. I have a number of college degrees in science and engineering. I've worked at startups and at big companies . I write code for fun and profit.

Over there to the right, you can find me in several other ways. Looking forward to hearing from you. -dave d

Verizon's 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report Jun 28 2015

I’ve bugged the Big Boss at work off and on for “What’s the best thing to read on information security?”

It’s not that I can’t find millions of pages to read, the problem is knowing the right thing to read. All things equal, I’d prefer to start with...