Shredding memory in C Nov 5 2016

I don’t recall exactly where I picked up the technique for shredding memory on allocation and dealloaction in C programs. I think it was from a usenet post (comp.lang.c). I do recall reading about memory shredding in a book I purchased some afterwards...

The Fibonacci generating function Oct 23 2016

The recurrence relation for the Fibonacci sequence is ubiquitous:

for and .

Suppose we want to know the th Fibonacci number ( without dealing with all the recursion above. How can that be found?


Notes on upgrading Rails 3.1 to 3.2 Nov 26 2015

Just for fun, I’m bringing one of my older Rails projects up to date with respect to Ruby and Rails. It’s currently running on 3.1, and as I recall, getting from 3.1 to 3.2 is harder than getting from 3.2 to 4.0.

Let’s see how it goes.



Building out Middleman menus with Bootstrap Nov 24 2015

I’m slowing consolidating all of my online presence into a single git repo. There is a lot to do, it will probably take several years to finish as it’s not that high a priority.

One of the next step is bring some private pages I have detailing various...

Caller-specified callback in Ruby Nov 16 2015

Here’s an interesting technique I’d like to see more of in the wild: passing in error handlers using callbacks. For that matter, I’m a fan of callbacks in general, but that’s probably my c programming background showing through.

Note: the basis...

Carving Ruby arrays Oct 24 2015

I ran across an interesting method in a colleague’s commit recently, which monkey patched Ruby’s Array class. To me, it nearly epitomizes Ruby’s elegance by packing a number of powerful techniques into a single short line of code, without being unreadably...

Verizon's 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report Jun 28 2015

I’ve bugged the Big Boss at work off and on for “What’s the best thing to read on information security?”

It’s not that I can’t find millions of pages to read, the problem is knowing the right thing to read. All things equal, I’d prefer to start with...

A Ruby Mockingbird Apr 3 2015

As noted in “Going static with Middleman,” I have a fair bit of work ahead to rebuild my personal website.

This is part of that work.

Ruby is not usually regarded as—or employed as—a functional programming language. Yet Ruby does support a fair...

Going static with Middleman Mar 21 2015

After running WordPress for years and years, and even doing some freelancing in the WordPress arena, I found myself far too busy within a new career as a Ruby programmer to devote the time for necessary care and feeding of WordPress.

Then I got hacked...